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Military Wedding Vows

Q. I have read that the military wedding has different vows than a Christian or any other wedding. My boyfriend is in the Air force and wants the whole thing to have the theme of that till we get to the reception then it is a fairy tale party. I have no clue what the vows say or even what they are about.

A. My husband is a retired colonel (USAF) and I have never heard of special vows for a military wedding.  The vows will reflect the denominational background of the chaplain who performs the ceremony, but the ceremony is essentially the same as any Christian wedding.

I did some research and found the following information in the book The Complete Idiot's Guide to the Perfect Wedding:  "The biggest differences between a military wedding and a civilian wedding are the invitation, the uniformed attendants or couple, and the arch of swords or sabers at the end of the service.  Everything else is the same.

The wording on the invitation needs to be written precisely according to standard etiquette and include your branch of service and your rank.  Be sure to check with your bridal consultant or the stationery store expert for the correct military wording on your invitations.  There are many different correct forms to use.

Dress can be your dress uniform or full-dress uniform, including medals or merely ribbons.  Badges may also be worn.  Men or women in uniform do not wear flowers, corsages, or boutonnieres.  If your groom is a member or graduate of one of the academies, you may display its flag in the church along with the American flag."

I hope this information will be helpful.  You might talk with a military chaplain, even if he/she won't be performing the ceremony, and get their in-put as well.

Glenna Tooman, Wedding Consultant






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