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I want to give a cash gift to my neighbor's son who is getting married. What amount is appropriate?

The appropriate amount of a wedding gift (whether a cash gift or the value of an actual gift) is very much dependent on a number of factors, mainly, your relationship with the couple, your social circle, and (most important) your own financial situation.
However, it's possible to share some generalities about gift size, which I hope will be of some help to you.

In the West, where I live and work, I would say that at the average middle income wedding, the average gift for a niece/nephew/godchild or similar relationship probably averages about 30 to 75 dollars.
For upper income social circles, the numbers are probably more like $75 - 100.

In eastern and southern US cities, the average amounts seem to be a bit higher.  Also, the general gift-giving etiquette appears to be  bit more strict.

A special relationship between you and the bride or groom might suggest a slightly higher gift amount. Also, a general habit of giving larger gifts would also need to be considered.

For example, if you are the kind of person who would give $20 for a birthday or graduation gift for a person with whom you have a similar relationship, then for a wedding, you would probably want to spend
closer to $50 than $20.  A wedding, since it's a "one-time-only" event and such an important rite of passage, usually merits a slightly more elaborate gift than some other events.

Hope this helps.  Best wishes to you, and to the bride and groom. expert-- Sara L. Ambarian
author of "A Bride's Touch: A Handbook of Wedding Personality and
Inspiration"/ creative consultant/ custom bridal designer
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